Commercial Pest Control in Chennai

Is your business threatened by rodents, termites of other pests? Agni Pest control will ensure that you have a safe and hygienic environment for your employees so your business can thrive. Commercial pest control ensures that your business does not suffer from structural damage, health risks for the employees, and the risk of disease transmission.

Agni Pest control will come up with individually tailored plans for commercial properties. We know that the most common problems are created by pest, and we offer your business an effective pest control service in Chennai.

  • We will ensure that your entire property is pest free in case it’s a zone highly attractive to pests. We use Eco-friendly commercial pest control methods, such as heat treatment and property fumigation, which are suitable for hotels, hospitals, restaurants, shops, schools, etc.

  • Complete sanitation of all infested areas can be organised after the pest control treatment.

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